Warranty and Service Terms

All of our machines and equipment are covered by 1 year warranty because they face many risks such as water, shampoo and electricity. Due to the corrosion of the chemicals used, many parts are deformed and cannot be used for shorter periods of time than they should be working under normal conditions. In such cases, replacement or maintenance of parts must be done on time and in full. Electricity is the most important point to pay attention to. Defects caused by High voltage, low voltage or voltage fluctuation are not covered by waranty of the machines. Unauthorized personnel are not recommended to use our machines and therefore occuring defects due this may not be covered by the warranty. When these issues are taken into consideration, our machines will continue to work efficiently for many years.

All of our machines, parts and consumables are produced by our engineers using CNC machines. By keeping the stock of every piece we produce, we provide spare parts for our customers to use their machines for many years without any problems.

The drawing and design stages of all of our machines are recorded. We are among the most sensitive companies to provide one-to-one service and parts support in case of damage, problems and breakdowns that may occur in a long time.

In case of malfunctions that may occur in the scope of warranty and in cases requiring service, we ask that customer to only pay the road, food and accommodation costs for our technical crew. In this context, we do not charge a service charge for the first year.

This is an advantage for our customers if there is something else that can be done in the machine or if there are other things that need to be evaluated.

In this way, we have provided our team with the possibility to make the final checks and maintenance of your machines.

All costs (accommodation, road, food, material, workmanship, etc.) arising due to malfunctions occurring at the end of the warranty period or in cases not covered by the warranty belong to our customers.

If our customers have a fault in the use of our products, or if there is a power failure or disaster, or if the damages have occurred due to similar situations not caused by us, we demand that all costs are to be covered by our customers.

Service requests must be reported to the service responsible as soon as possible in order to avoid malfunctions.

The following is the path to follow when a service condition occurs for any reason:

1) Calling our technical service team and informing us about the date and occurrence of the malfunction and opening a service record. In addition, by entering the product service form part of our website, a visual and written sharing should be made about the breakdown, problem, breakage in the product and a fault registration form should be created and the service should be requested.

2) In addition, after reaching our sales and marketing team, after informing about the date of the fault, the causes and the breakdown, we have to obtain detailed information about time and service time and to open a service.

3) In case of malfunctions occurring, we will be able to act fast in case of malfunction and spare parts supply.

Following the service request, the city will be intervened within 2 days (48 hours), 7 days out of town (168 hours).

In case of visas and other transactions, a maximum of 15 days (365 hours) of intervention will be performed for service requests from abroad.

Dear customers, Days and Hours that we will intervene for the service, supply and production of spare parts, supply and actuation of the supplies, all factors such as transportation and mobility are calculated in such a way that you will not wronged.

Nevertheless, we are trying to help our customers in the shortest possible time and in the fastest way.

In addition, if you have a situation that can be corrected by our service on phone, whatsapp and e-mail, we provide a fast service by identifying it, without breaking the warranty and taking the side of our customers.