Warranty and service terms

  1. All models are guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing mistakes
  2. Our machines are under 5 year guarantee for spare parts and service support.
  3. Only travelling, accommodation and meal expences will be collected from the customer in the guarantee services (one year).
  4. All the expences in the maintenance of defects of the machines whose guarantee has finished or is beyond the warranty period belong to the customer (Travelling, food, accommodation, materials, labor, etc.)
  5. Service requests should be reported to the service responsible as soon as possible
  6. After service request, the service will take action in 48 hours in the city center (2days), requests from outside the city will be taken care of in 168 hours (7days). Service requests from abroad will be taken care of within a maximum of 360 hours (15 days) if visas or other transactions are ok.


  1. The guarantee has expired
  2. Misusage
  3. Ignoring the problems or the problems possible.
  4. Usage with insufficient information.
  5. Not doing the necessary maintenance in time
  6. Exceeding the allowable capacity
  7. Usage without a educated or responsible operator.
  8. Any problems which has occured while transportation or delivery.
  9. The malfunction which occurs because of the unsuitable voltage power in the electric network in the installation area & the inadequacy of coagulation.
  10. Faults due to incorrect compressor use
  11. Maintenance and modifications made outside of manufacturer's knowledge
  12. Defects caused by unconvenient working area, floor and environmental condition
  13. Defects due to unhealthy personel (who uses alchohol, drugs etc.)
  14. Working of the machine without the installation adjustments
  15. Leaving gear lubricating apparatus without oil
  16. Damage caused by the effects of external factors like flood, fire, earthquake,car crash.. etc.
  17. Damage caused due to the electric engines and electrical faults.
  18. Defects caused by lack of labricating the points of lubrication as mentioned in the instruction book


  1. Our company is not responsible of any injuries, disabilities or death caused from the defects due to the protection equiptment being uninstalled from the machine.
  2. The carpets should only be put into the machine as showed in the education.
  3. The defects caused due to putting 2 or more carpets in the machine, or putting the carpets folded in the machine is not under guarantee.
  4. The pressure adjustment should be done according to the carpet type.
  5. Defects due to ming a hole in the body of the machine and welding are not under guarantee.
  6. If the machine is not generally cleaned properly, it may cause the machine to malfunction

Machine Selection Criteria

  1. You should choose your machine from the companies with vision and industry knowledge
  2. You should choose your machine manufactured from stainless chrome or galvanized iron to make your machine work longer and healthier.
  3. You should be careful about the machine parts origins
  4. Investigate the power of the engine and reducers used on the machine and the suitability of the machine
  5. The company must be able to provide you the service you need for warranty, service and after-sales services.
  6. After 5-10 years of machine warranty period, you should be able to guarantee spare parts availability.
  7. The company must be able to produce serial machines in a suitable environment.
  8. The company must be able to give References from the country or another country
  9. The functions and qualities of the brush used on the machine must be suitable for the machine. The brush to be experienced in the future should be able to help you in the exchange or the services of the plow.
  10. The most important reason is that the machine can best help your business