Euromak Machine is positioned as a reliable manufacturer both in the domestic and international markets with the machinery, equipment and spare parts it produces for the carpet washing industry. Machine heads currently produced; - Automatic Carpet Washing Machines - Carpet Dust Removers - Carpet Spinning Machines - Carpet Finishing Machines - Manual Carpet Washing Machines - Industrial Washing Machines. Euromak Machine, in terms of its field of activity is specialized in the production of industrial carpet washing machines within the main sector of machinery manufacturing, and has the technical knowledge and production infrastructure that can detect the deficiencies in the market and produce innovative solutions to the detected problems. It carries out improvements and/or new product development activities for these needs and customer feedback details in the machines it produces. The best example of this; It is a hand woven carpet washing machine developed with the support of KOSGEB R & D project. In line with the determinations and demands in the market, there are currently no carpet washing machines for hand-woven carpets. With the R&D project it has prepared, it has created a carpet washing machine prototype specially designed and programmed for hand-woven carpets. Euromak manufactures industrial cleaning machines for sectoral purposes and useful technology in general. Euromak manufactures industrial cleaning machines by incorporating the developing technology for the needs of the sector day by day.