Maintenance Instruction

1. Please have it checked by technicians when you notice a change of sound.
2. Have your reducer tooth and rollers checked if you hear a mechanical sound.
3. Connection equipments needs to be checked when you hear a mechanical sound or tremble.

1. Please change brushes if their direction is changed.Otherwise washing performance decreases.
2. Remove brushes and clean inside bristles once a month.
3. Please pre-exercise brushes when they are first installed.

1. Oil chains & tooth twice a month with grease oil.Do not forget.
2. Equipments of chain gets deformed it elongates in time. Stretch it where applicable.
3. Oil square tooth nuts up and down.

1. Have it checked when you hear a mechanical sound during operated by technicians.
2. Change the roller when it squeaks or when jammed.
3. Roller bearings need to be lubricated twice a month.

1. It has to be rinsed with plain water when stop operating.
2. Be attentive with detergent and chemicals,do not leave them on the belt.

1. Clean nozzles with water and detergent once a month.
2. Check the pressure of water and detergent machines.

1. Ensure there is no water contact with electric and electronic connections.
2. Do not replace installation and cables.
3. Move PLC panel 40 cm upwards.
4. Ensure motion sensors are not blocked with any obstacle.
5. Do not move up&down switches of brushes.